Was Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page Hacked or Not?

Yesterday morning, the blogosphere was abuzz with news of the “hacking” of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Fan Page. Experts and amateurs alike argued over whether anything was actually hacked into – and who could have done it. Reading the stories all day long proved entertaining… the conspiracy theories never fail to amuse me. According to Facebook, though, nothing was taken over or hacked at all. Instead, a simple bug was to blame. “A bug enabled status postings by unauthorised people on a handful of pages, The bug has been fixed,” an official statement read. “It was a handful of public Facebook pages and no personal user accounts were affected,” it added.

The Guardian still feels it has solved the entire case – mostly. They point to “evidence” gathered from the bit.ly link used in the mysterious posting and a Wikipedia edit. They tracked the IP address of the Wiki editor to the US Department of Defense in Williamsburg. Of course, there’s absolutely no proof that this is the same IP of the person who “hacked” the Facebook page, if such a thing had actually happened.

I’m not sure honestly which story to believe. On the one hand, The Guardian’s story sounds very plausible. Facebook claims that nothing happened beyond a strange glitch. It strikes me as odd that someone happened to figure out that this bug existed in a small number of pages and took advantage of it to talk about the Hacker Cup.

Whichever scenario holds true, Mark is likely walking about with some red in his cheeks this morning.