My, How Foursquare Has Grown

In a world of “gotta join it now” websites cropping up everywhere, we’ve become used to seeing astronomical growth on startup sites. We don’t usually so much as blink an eye when someone reports they’ve had “amazing growth” or “so much traffic the servers went down.” It happens almost every day it seems. I have to admit, though, I DID blink when I read a post over on Foursquare today. The company claims to have grown by 3400% in the past year. That isn’t a typo, nor is it an exaggeration.

I admit it – I’m not a user, nor will I ever be. I just don’t get the point of telling someone where I am at every moment of the day. Do you honestly care when your friends are at the grocery store or gas station? I digress, though… there are plenty of you who DO use the service. As a matter of fact, a whole lot of you are regular checker-in’ers. Foursquare reports that the 6,000,000th user signed up last week.

Are you one of millions who is using the service – or any other checkin site – on a regular basis?

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3 thoughts on “My, How Foursquare Has Grown”

  1. Well, i think Google Latitude does just that: shows your locations on a minute-by-minute basis without you having to check-in, award badges and all that bs.

  2. I agree with Chris. I just can’t see the need for “checking in” or “reporting in” with every little action or “event” in my life. If “Get a Life!” was ever an appropriate response – it is now.

    Oh – and with GPS an integral part of our lives now, “checking in” seems like a great opportunity for stalkers & perverts.

  3. If I were a thief, I would be the most connected thief around. Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter – I’d get feeds from them all. The opportunities opened up would be fantastic!

    For example, my niece posted on Black Friday that she got a new TV, and that it fit in their living room beautifully. The next Saturday, she posted that she and her bear were at a Starbucks waiting to go to a movie. As a good thief, I would be driving around her neighborhood (of course I know where she lives based on other Facebook posts) waiting for the inevitable post stating that the movie was starting (said post came 15 minutes after the Starbucks post). Ten minutes after that, I have MY new TV, and she gets to go back to her old CRT.

    The crooks that keep up with technology definitely have an advantage here…

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