HDR Video Tutorial Giveaway

Trey Ratcliff has taught several thousand people how to do HDR photography through workshops, his award-winning tutorial, his book “A World in HDR” and now a video tutorial. This video tutorial normally sells for $99.00, but we’re giving away three copies to a few lucky people.

Trey is best known for his site, StuckInCustoms, which has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet with around 350,000 visits per month – including one from his mom. He’s also on Flickr and SmugMug, where his photos have recently passed over 45 million views. His work first became popular after he had the honor of having the first HDR photo ever to hang in the Smithsonian.

Trey’s work is nothing short of breathtaking, and any budding photographer should want to learn at his feet. This video tutorial will open your eyes to an entirely new world, allowing you to let your inner creative side shine.

One man who recently purchased this video said: “Viewing Trey’s HDR DVD series is like finding a mad scientist’s book of secret formulas. His screencasts immediately dispel the barriers and hurdles of achieving stunning HDR images. This series is worth every penny.” The praise doesn’t get any better than this.

So! How can you win!? It’s quite simple, folks: Make sure you are following me on Twitter and have liked my Facebook page. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you would like to win a copy. The contest will run now through Monday afternoon (January 24th) at 3PM PST. Three winners will be chosen at random and contacted via the email address left with the comment (so be sure you put your actual email address!). That’s all there is to it!

Happy picture taking!

112 thoughts on “HDR Video Tutorial Giveaway”

  1. I am interested in photography, and currently collecting some tutorials. This would be awesome to have. Thanks Chris and Trey for the opportunity.

  2. I would like to win one of these tutorial videos because I’ve always loved photography and videography, and HDR has been a huge interest of mine, since it can create such beautiful images. I hope to develop my skills with the help of Trey’s video, and share the beauty of HDR Photography with friends and family.

  3. Trey’s images are fantastic, and I have been studying his blog for a while now which sparked my interest in HDR. I am very interested in this video and how it could improve my photography.

  4. Been experimenting with HDR with Photomatix, Photoshop and some other free products but can never achieve decent results. I’m ready to give the whole thing up. I would love to give it another go with proven methods that make it worth the effort.

  5. Hi Chris; First of all, thanks for you Giveaway.

    There is why I should win the price.

    I’m a newbie photographer, but I want to learn a lit. Especially, I’m trying for the moment my first HDR pictures. To make less mistakes as possible, I should win this tutorial to improve my skill.

    I’m a belgian blogger and if I could win the price, I could talk about how this tutorial helps me to increase my skill.

    Are they good enough reasons ? 😛

    Cheers and thanks again.

  6. I’d like to enter the drawing for the video, because my stepson is wanting to major in mulitmedia studies in college. He’s a senior now, and has already worked with local television studios, so we’d like to encourage him however we can.


  7. I am learning HDR photography, hoping to go professional eventually. Trey’s tutorial wouldbe great!

  8. Probably won’t hang in the Smithsonian (no pun intended, but sitll funny) or become as brilliant at Trey, but I sure could get a whole lot better with a couple or ten “secrets from the mad scientist’s book of secret formulas.”

    Thanks Chris

  9. I would like to win the tutorial because I like to take photographs and would like to take better ones.

  10. I’d not mind winning a copy to give to my son-in-law. He’s already a pretty remarkable photographer (with a few in the “win column” for some photo shows), and I’d like to see what he could learn from this.

  11. I love Trey Ratcliff! And Chris Pirillo! Just got my first DSLR, long time film shooter, and am trying to learn HDR. Give me that video!

  12. I would love to win a copy for my boyfriend who is a huge fan! He is an aspiring photographer and it would be an awesome valentines day gift because HDR is something that he is very passionate about and i know this will go a long way and it would mean more then anything being able to give him a copy!!!!

  13. I’ve followed Trey for years on myspace, flickr, facebook and now smugmug. I purchased my 14-24 nikkor lens because he recommended it…and I LOVE it! Just haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet on doing HDR. I’m hoping that will change soon! 🙂

  14. I have dabbled with HDR in the past, but never with the results like I have seen from Trey or others on the web. The video tutorial would go a long way to increasing my photography and post processing knowledge.

  15. Following you now on facebook and twitter…my twitter name is COOLinside. I hope to win the HDR tutorial video because I think Trey is the king of HDR’s. I love his work and would love to know more about his techniques and methods!

  16. I would LOVE to win this video tutorial because I have been visiting Trey’s website for a very long time at least once a week. He and his photos are my biggest inspiration for doing photography. Threw all his videos he teaches that you can make it look like you want it to look like, not like how it is expected to look.
    Unfortunately I really cant afford a 100 dollars (or more for his other awesome products) so that is why I think I really deserve to win this! I know for sure that I will be a better photographer because of it!

  17. I have been following Trey’s work for the past several months, and I agree that he is an HDR god! His work has inspired me to experiment with this technique, and I aspire to achieve results like his. It would be a humbling experience to win a copy of his HDR Training DVD, so please pick me!

  18. HDR is becoming more popular by the day. Despite all the new applications, I think the use of HDR in creating new art has barely scratched the surface. Today, I experimented with HDR and macro photography. I’d like the video to expand the tools available to me in my creative efforts.

  19. Would like to win a copy of Trey’s “HDR Video Tutorial”!
    I really in need of such great instructions as these. I want to learn HDR photography in a proper way from HDR master, such as Treay Ratcliff. Help me please in achievement this dream.

    following on twitter and liked facebook page. fingers crossed.

  20. I have been a fan of Trey since I first saw his work, and his images are truly an inspiration to a budding travel & landscape photographer like myself (though admittedly amateur in comparison!) This tutorial would truly help take some of my images to the next level – thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Would love to win the tutorial because I just got set up with HDR gear and I am just starting to delve into the realm of 3D. I plan on using my HDR to document my daughter’s first year so I can be a cool dad.:-) Trey is very inspirational too so anything he puts out is a good word. Thanks Chris for the chance to win!

  22. I’d like to learn HDR from a pro like Trey. I’m betting money that they’re pretty kick ass compared to any youtube tutorial!

  23. I am a new photographer that is trying to learn everything I can about this great world of photography. I really enjoy HDR and would love to learn more by the great Trey Ratcliff.

  24. Well, I just want it because that money is a lot here where I live. And I always admired Trey, before he becomes famous and start all this bussines stuff. I want to learn more from him.

  25. I have been following Trey’s blog for a few years and would love to learn how he creates his magic. Looking forward to wining the tutorial. Thanks.


  26. I would lovvveee to win a copy of Trey’s HDR DVD because im a poor student who cant afford it! and i know it holds the keys to all that is great HDR wise! haha! Chris and Trey, u guys rock!!

  27. Trey’s a photographer’s photographer to start with, and his HDR techniques are something I MUST CONSUME AT ONCE (please?)

  28. Trey’s HDR website has beautiful photos from all over the world. I know I can count on him to show me something great every day.

  29. I would love to win the tutorial because I love to take pictures on my camera when I go out of town and out with friends. I want to learn how to take better pictures. Thanks!!

  30. Hi!
    I’m an amateur photographer, especially HDR. With this video I think I could learn new important techniques and improve my hdr knowledge. So that’s why I would like to win a copy of the tutorial.


  31. I’ve had an interest in HDR since I bought my first DSLR last summer and have been experimenting ever since.

    I’d love to be able to see first hand how to do the masking in photoshop properly as that is one bit I’m currently lost on and I know it makes a big difference to the end result of a HDR.


  32. Hi, I’d love a copy of trey’s HDR tutorial video. Been into photography for just over a year now and been amazed by trey’s work for a long while. Tried my hand at HDR and followed a bunch of different tutorials but still not yet mastered the technique. Ive read really good things about trey’s tutorial and would love to learn some of trey’s magic !

  33. Why? It’s simple. Yesterday I bought a new Nikon D7000 so it would be great to start doing some magic with it!

  34. Very informative blog post. Although I have been a photographer for many years, I have just recently discovered the joys of HDR. It has opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. Trey is my HDR Sensei! His easy style, and his way of delivering information has been extremely helpful to me. I subscribe to his blog posts daily, and he continues to be an inspiration to me. I had every intention of purchasing his tutorial, but loosing my job put that intention a bit further down on the priority list.

  35. Discovering StuckInCustoms was sort of like looking in a magic, time-travel mirror. In Trey’s work… but more than that, in his attitudes about his work… I see a kindred spirit. And though I’m old enough to be his father… a young, handsome father, certainly – but a father, nonetheless… I see much of myself in him. By the way, what is his mother’s name? But I digress…
    The similarities between our photography are, as of this writing, vastly disparate. But the similarities in attitude are intriguing.
    1. He lives in Austin. I grew up there, though I left in 1975.
    2. He’s blind in one eye. I wear very thick glasses and am not too bright.
    3. He came to photography thru curiosity and happy accident, rather than by way of formal education. I refer to myself as the Grandpa Moses of golf course photography.
    4. He doesn’t believe in “trade secrets”. And this is a big one. In my creative life, I’ve always thought the concept of trade secrets is the ultimate bogus attitude and have always shared my own experience and what knowledge I’ve garnered with others.
    5. He creates for himself, not the marketplace. In my various creative adventures (furniture design, song-writing, audio production, et al) I’ve never created for business reasons. Maybe that’s why I’ve achieved no appreciable success! The good news is, that attitude as I redirect my creative efforts to photography, is showing great promise.

    So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. No more grovelling. I’ll not beg! I would, however, greatly appreciate not having to spend $99!
    Dave Sansom

  36. I’d like to win a copy of the video tutorial as rather than setting myself new years resolutions, I decide on a number of things I’d like to accomplish this year. One of those was to learn about HDR photography, having started getting into photography over the last 12 months. Winning a copy of the video tutorial would be a great help to achieving this, especially as a student!

  37. I would love to win this tutorial! I often find myself struggling with knowing how to appropriately blend an HDR image with the original in order to create the artistic image that I envision, and also would love to learn more about exposure decisions – learning to understand how many are suitable to use for each image as I am photographing.

  38. Yes, I am unashamedly writing this post to let you know I would like to have a copy of Treys DVD. I have followed Trey and purchased a couple of his e-books. I listen when he recommends photo equipment, HDR techniques and always love the videos.
    Enough said?

  39. I would love to win a copy because I have become very inspired and intrigued with HDR after following your work. I would like to start on the right foot instead of corrupting my mind with useless info on the subject.

  40. I think Trey’s work is breath-taking and I would love the chance to get a glimpse at the way he works! It would be an honor to learn from a pro like him!

  41. I’ve wanted to try HDR for a while now. I actually tend to dislike HDR as a technique because of all the badly done HDR out there. But I love the look of a well done image (like any of Trey’s work). I want to do some HDR shots but I don’t want to become another person spreading crap around and a chance to learn from the best is the perfect way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  42. It’s not as much about winning a copy of the tutorial, its more about furthering my knowledge of HDR. I bought the book, bought photomatix and there is just one missing part – that of watching the workflow in action. I cannot afford to travel and see Trey in action but I feel his style is very similiar to the mix of HDR techniques that I would like to begin to master.

    Normally I do not shoot HDR, I have used it as an outlet to get me interested once again in trying to shoot daily and it has worked for the most part….minus a stumbling point here or there based on workflow.

    I guess it comes down to when photography is not job #1 – the other jobs can take up all the time left to shoot, that said I try to reduce the amount of time it takes me to learn a new style or way of doing things.

    This tutorial would simplify my quest to come up with the proper tolls to allow me to implement the HDR style into my workflow without having to just experiment for hours on end… thou if I had those hours I much rather do that all day.

  43. Great giveaway. Thanks.

    I would like to win a copy of that. I am in need of such great instructions on DVD, like Trey’s “HDR Video Tutorial”, really!

    I want to discover the beauty and awesomeness of HDR photography for myself. And i want to learn that subject in a proper way, from HDR master, such as Trey Ratcliff. Help my dream to become truth.

    following you on twitter and liked your facebook page. fingers crossed…

  44. For the past couple of years I have been exploring, learning, and producing in the world of digital photography. It is my goal to become a better photographer (a never ending and always rewarding endeavor). Just recently, I ventured into the fascinating world of HDR and I have much to learn. I have been following Trey Ratcliff on Twitter for the last few months and have become a huge fan. His work is more than a little inspiring and he is very generous in sharing his knowledge. My birthday just happens to be January 24th, and winning this tutorial by Trey would be a great BIRTHDAY PRESENT! So… Here’s hoping!

  45. I love the HDR effect and have been playing around with ever since I saw Trey Ratcliff’s website. I cannot currently afford his tutorial and would love to win a copy. I am a freshman photography major and would someday like to be as talented as Trey himself.

  46. I would like to win the DVD because I think HDR has many advantages to making wonderful photos. Many people use it to make bizarre pictures and I feel that is misusing this technique. My attempts at HDR have been less than I wanted and I want to learn how to do it right

  47. I also would love Trey’s HDR Video. My HDR photography is coming along and I would love to see his steps and hear his thoughts about HDR. I also think he is a very generous person to share his knowledge. Thank you.

  48. Since I have discovered Trey’s site, I know my standards have been raised. I am inspired on every visit. I am just learning HDR and would love to learn from the best. Just being near to such a talented representative of great art would give me a creative boost. If I don’t win, can I carry your bags? I could learn that way too!

  49. I would like to win this because I’m getting into HDR, and it really needs a lot of work. This would help me further along on the learning curve.

  50. I, like so many other people, never win anything either. So please PICK ME PICK ME. I love Treys work though. I am the owner of his book(paid full price). It is good stuff but would love a video as well.

  51. This would be an amazing tool to add to the passion I feel for photography. Thank you for the opportunity, I love what Trey is doing and often champion the use of HDR for both practical and artistic imagery.

    I learned the art of photography from my father and with this tool from you and Trey I’d be able to introduce him to a new tool / approach that he never really has been exposed to.

    Thank you!


  52. This would be an absolutely wonderful tool to have in my arsenal, I’ve read Trey’s book and I’m a very frequent visitor of his website and I’ve already absorbed a great deal of information but this would be akin to the holy grail. From what I’ve heard about this tutorial it is priceless in learning more about HDR. I’m a bit young for a photographer — I’m in high school — albeit a magnet high school and I’m in the photography program. Everything I’ve learned about photography over the past few years has been by checking out massive amounts of photography books from the photo section of several of my local libraries as well as sitting in the bookstore reading more. (It’s not within my “budget” to buy every book that seems interesting, I like checking it out to be sure it’s of valuable information to me first.) The internet has also been a valuable resource in my photographic education. I got into HDR photography about half a year ago when I picked up Trey’s book in the bookstore and I’ve been hooked since. I’ve looked at other books about HDR (there aren’t many) and tried looking online but it’s such an obscure art that I haven’t gleaned much besides from Trey’s website. I acquired Photomatix and Lightroom for my birthday and I’ve been using them ever since. Some photos come out nicely, some don’t. I recently started using Photoshop (it’s installed on the computers at school) to mask and make other minor adjustments when I realized how helpful it was. I’ve even sold a few HDR’s at a couple shows my school has entered! I’m rambling a bit, so to wrap this up, the tutorial would help me immensely, especially so I don’t make so many mistakes I don’t know about every time I process.
    Thank you for putting out these copies to the general public, I’m sure three lucky people are going to have a huge awakening to their HDR world.

  53. I love the look of hdr photos but haven’t been able to produce quality photos yet.

    Hopefully if I win this DVD I can better my photos.

  54. I’m a big fun of Trey and he is being a huge inspiration for me in the past year. I would like to have a copy of his book to feel even more inspired and also to share his work with people close to me.

  55. Hmm, I commented before but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore for some reason. I want to win the DVD because I’m starting to get into HDR, and I’m horrible at it. This tutorial would help me with my learning curve!

  56. I would love a chance to try out the HDR video tutorial because I really like HDR’s, started to learn them after viewing some of Trey’s work, and have really incorporated them into my art style. I still have questions about them and expect that I have much to learn still… so any path to learning is welcome! I also want entrance into the “Clubhouse” on Trey’s site and I think my learning can take off there too!

  57. Well, I like free stuff! And I like HDR! I’ve put out some good HDR already, but want to be more consistent at it while learning a few advanced techniques!

  58. Thanks for putting up a nice giveaway like this, very much appreciated!

    It would be amazing to be the lucky draw winner of this. I have been following Trey’s work and tutorials for a long time and have even bought his book! The picture fronting my website is all taken from his HDR and Textures tutorials! The video tutorial would be takin me to the next level, and having two full weeks booked for the east coast of malaysia, I would love to have all possible tools to make the best out of the trip!

  59. Hey Chris,

    I’ve been a fan of Trey’s work for a while now—it’s actually what got me into photography to begin w/—and since getting my first camera (a Nikon D3000) I’ve been working tirelessly to better my HDR technique, and literally every bit of progress I’ve made is due almost entirely to Trey’s online tutorial (for technique and know how) and his jaw-dropping works (inspiration). I just got the D7000 and at long last have exposure bracketing—and that has taken my work to a whole new level. Having his video tutorial would be a much needed addition to my creation of HDRs.

  60. I love looking at the quality that HDR photos give off. I am a photography major and would love to learn HDR to add to my repertoire of photo skills.

  61. I just got a new digital camera and would love to learn more about HDR. Those are some wonderful images that Trey Ratcliff has taken!

  62. Have been following Trey’s work for awhile and would love to learn more about HDR photo techniques.

  63. I’m new to DSLR photography (just bought my first camera a couple of months ago). I’ve heard a lot about HDR photos and seen some awesome examples and would love to learn to create my own. I think Trey’s tutorial would certainly help me do it. Thanks for offering a chance to win it!

  64. I’d like to win because my current HDR photos aren’t up to snuff. I discovered HDR through Trey’s work and would love to learn from the master.

  65. A couple of years ago I bought my first DSLR from a friend a work. I have since added a couple of new lenses, tripod, and a few other helpful pieces of equipment. He and I often discuss photography and techniques that we use, and HDR has captured my imagination since I discovered Trey’s site last week (thanks Kotaku!) I can’t wait to see the creative photo’s I’ll come up with over the next few months, and this video would start me out running!

  66. I would really enjoy this lesson because I recently purchased my first DSLR. I love learning new photography techniques. I’m so excited about my new camera. This would just improve the experience even more!

  67. NOOOOooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it too late to enter? I’m one of your biggest fans (and Trey’s too)….. 🙂

    I’ve been studying HDR photography and am too broke to buy Trey’s DVD. Pleeeaaassssseeee…..with a cherry on top.

  68. I’d like to win the DVD because I love HDRing, want to improve and want to come to at least Trey’s knee level in terms of HDR skills! Yes… that’d be awesome!

  69. I’d LOVE to win a copy of Trey’s DVD because although I live in Austin where Trey lives, I never can seem to fit in one of his seminars.

  70. I’d like to win a copy of the DVD by Trey, because even though I live in Austin to live with Trey, I can never seem to fit in one of his seminars.

  71. I’d like to win a copy of the DVD by Trey, because even though I live in Austin to live with Trey, I can never seem to fit in one of his seminars.

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