When Should You Dive into the Social Media Pool?

A reader recently asked me when the “right” time is to begin using sites such as Twitter. This is a youngster who feels he may not have many followers for quite a while, and wonders what the point would be in taking the time to produce content. The answer is a simple one: there is no “right” – or wrong – time to begin your social media journey. If you have something worth saying that you want to share with others, then stop waiting for some magical point in time. Jump in there and spread your message.

Of course you aren’t going to somehow magically have a bajillion followers. It takes time to build up a decent-sized following – for most of us mere mortals, anyway. By opening yourself up and sharing things you feel are important, you will begin to see your number of friends and fans grow. Don’t stress yourself out thinking that you have to be funny, original and insightful with every 140 character message you send. Be yourself. You can bring a bit of your true personality into your business side, mixing the two into something uniquely you.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to jumping into that puddle is to wait. Get out there and create that profile. Close your eyes, hold your breath and type!

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