Users Cry Foul Over New YouTube Home Page

Once again, YouTube has made pretty big changes on their home page. And once again, people hate it. Reading through the comments on the official announcement and seeing what’s being said on Twitter has been nothing short of a train wreck today. Some of the brutal things being said are just impossible to look away from – or disagree with. Users aren’t happy, and they aren’t keeping quiet about it.

The company knows that the home page as it was just wasn’t working for most of us. However, it appears that it was much more preferred than this new iteration. They feel as though what they have come up with puts more emphasis on videos we want to see. I don’t know about you, but this just isn’t working for me. Let’s take a look at the new “enhancements”:

  • Increased focus on videos that matter to you (subscriptions, friend’s sharing, recommendations)
  • You can easily filter your homepage to show only the latest uploads from your subscriptions
  • Don’t miss anything; if a channel uploads four videos in a day, you’ll see all four – instead of just the latest video
  • Quick access to the inbox when you have new messages or comments
  • Knows what you have seen (videos you’ve watched are grayed out)
  • Remove any video (hover and click the “x” button)

If you take the time to read through the comments after the post, you’ll see things such as “It’s all crowded, it’s like looking at the homepage and getting bombarded with crowded information of all sorts” and “I didn’t switch to the new homepage because I didn’t like it. I’m not keen on having it forced on me. I liked seeing my recent subs’ videos, an the “Recommended For You” section, and that’s it.” My personal favorite, though, is:

Honestly I don’t really want to know what my friends liked and favorited, I don’t want to know what they have watched, I don’t want recommendations and I definitely do not like the new subscription box, it’s pointless to change the homepage if in the first place the old one was working just fine.

These posts sum up the general feelings that many users are having. The home page is too crowded and confusing now. Nothing about the new layout is “simpler” or “easier to navigate” as the site claims. We want to discover videos and content, yes. Shoving things in our faces that we aren’t interested in is NOT the way to convince us to consume more things on your site, folks. That’s going to do nothing more than drive us away to your competitors.