How to Unmask Starred-Out Passwords

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You know how websites star out your password when you type it in? Did you know there’s a simple way to unmask those characters so you can see what it was you just typed? Matthew is here to show you how, using some simple JavaScript.

If you paste the following simple JavaScript into your address bar after the starred password has been filled in, the password will be revealed automagically!

Java Script: javascript: alert(document.getElementById(‘Passwd’).type=’text’);

What other neat little tips and tricks do you know of that could help out those who may not have as much know-how?

Thanks, Matt, for an excellent and informative screencast again this week.

5 thoughts on “How to Unmask Starred-Out Passwords”

  1. its fake, first off, the zooms that also change the angle are unnecessary and when he starts pasting the “code” in, he had 1 tab open while after the code was pasted and it zoomed out, he had 4 tabs open.


  2. It should be noted that it would only work with input fields of the type password that had an id=”Passwd”, and not every web developer codes their input type=”password” with that id. So yeah it works there in Youtube but I don’t think it works anywhere else. (that’s the reason the video has so many “doesn’t work” comments :P)

    Also, websites don’t mask the passwords it’s the browser 🙂

    Better solution: use the password manager that comes built in with the browser 😛 (at least in Firefox). You can see all of your passwords there.

  3. Just tried this in safari and chrome mac os x and doesn’t work. i tried it with facebook, youtube and gmail.

  4. I think you need to change a security setting before you can run javascript from your address bar, but I don’t know what the setting is. Does anyone know? Also, I think you need to change the Element ID to whatever your site uses. You can find that in IE by viewing the Source HTML.

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