Why is Facebook Giving Out Your Phone Number?

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Today, Lamarr rants on Facebook because – according to him – they STILL don’t get it when it comes to privacy. Facebook is now letting third-party apps have phone numbers and addresses of users.

Even if it IS opt-in, a good percentage of Facebook users are (as Lamarr eloquently stated) “…on the 6th floor when there are only 5 flights.” People will click allow for anything to start an app quickly. Even if it is their responsibility to read the fine print, the majority of people don’t.

If Facebook knows that most of their users are not going to pay close enough attention before allowing an app to have access, then the company is seriously failing the public they supposedly are there to serve.

Should Facebook take some responsibility here to care for this segment of the population and not even make this option available to begin with?

3 thoughts on “Why is Facebook Giving Out Your Phone Number?”

  1. It’s not private if your profile is public and your contact information is shared to ANYONE.. hello special people. its not privacy it [email protected]#@!# facebook. no duh really , if you thinking talking smack about your ex BFF on you wall is private think again. Not only that grow a brain or attempt to and don’t share your personal information on any website including FB.

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