Teen Knocks Out Competition on App Store

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Bubble Ball is taking the world by storm – and it was created by a quiet young teenager as his first ever iPhone game. 14-year-old Robert Nay is an eighth grader in Spanish Fork, Utah. He and his mom Kari worked together to create what is now the number-one free game on the App Store, usurping Angry Birds Seasons.

Since its launch on Dec. 29, the game has been downloaded 1.5 million times. Nay did the work on the programming and the art and his mother helped him by designing most of the game levels. He just began the entire process in November, with the game launching just over a month later to pretty huge acclaim.

The game has bare-bones graphics, where you try to get a ball to roll from one part of the screen to another by manipulating objects such as a stick or a triangle. People are quickly becoming addicted to it, and word is spreading like wildfire.

Nay is proving once again that “kids” can certainly have what it takes to succeed at a very young age. Here’s to hoping he finds ways to improve on his skills even more and make an even larger impact on the mobile gaming world in the future.