Netflix is Changing the Game and No One is Happy

Netflix Director of Product Management Jamie O’Dell announced today that the company will no longer allow customers to add physical DVDs to their queue from streaming devices such as the PS3 and iPhone. The claim is that they are trying to “concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly.” The powers-that-be at Netflix apparently feel that “providing the option to add a DVD to your Queue from a streaming device complicates the instant watching experience and ties up resources that are better used to improve the overall streaming functionality.”

The problem with this thought process is that many subscribers feel this is a huge step backwards. The desktop computer is becoming more obsolete in the days of mobile devices. Why, then, is Netflix only wanting to allow you to add movies to your queue when logged into the website itself? According to the comments being left on the announcement, people aren’t very happy – to say the least.

What are your thoughts? Is Netflix making the right move here, or have they gone a bit off the deep end?

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10 thoughts on “Netflix is Changing the Game and No One is Happy”

  1. netflix! dumb , lame get with the game ??? mobile queue management doesn’t tie up anything for the streaming side. What if I use my laptop and your site suggests 50 other movies i wont watch when i add something, yet the mobile phone i add it and I am done.

  2. Luckily no one uses their physical disks anymore, anyway.

    I use “Mom-Flix” (mother-in-law) instead. Every time new releases are out, she buys them, then I borrow them. Best part? No red envelopes to lose. 🙂

  3. They’re just trying to make more money while screwing over their customers. Ironically, this strategy seems to work quite well for big name companies.

  4. I have no issues. I think if you are using a streaming app then they should oonly liste the movies you can stream.

    If you want the DVD go to their site.

  5. If this is true, I think it’s a load of crap. I love my Netflix streaming, but there are just some titles that are not available to stream. I’m a big fan of one-stop-shopping. I use my desktop computer for far fewer things than I did just a year ago. I tend to agree that this seems like a huge step backwards.

  6. I can understand gaming consoles and trimming the Interface, but mobile devices are rapidly becoming a common web browsing standard and they should not prevent it from mobile phones. Netflix is clearly trying to force conversion to Instant Play which may only help Blockbusters DVD by Mail Service which has the added advantage of having movies 28 days sooner than Netflix already.

  7. What about the Apple TV? I can manage my queue there.

    I don’t think this is a huge deal, personally. I just wish that Netflix had everything available on streaming as well. Curse you, movie studios for not allowing it…

  8. I think it must be in an effort to generate additional revenue streams from online display if they can shift more traffic to a desktop/laptop unit.
    And if they can save expense from fewer DVDs being requested, all the better.

  9. Saying “no one is happy” is a little far fetched isn’t it?

    I am happy so I don’t have to wait for a popular movie to be available. I can just stream it online.

  10. I used to love Netflix, but they have made so many changes and price hikes I had to downgrade my service significantly. Bring back your creators, because the new suits in town are screwing up customer relations.

    I have had more problems than ever with watching instant view movies and what do you decide to do??? Charge extra for instant view??!!! Ok cancel it you idiots.

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