Teens in Tech Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

When I first started live-streaming almost four years ago, a young teenager named Daniel Brusilovsky quickly became a part of our community. He was the youngest (and only teen) moderator we had and conducted himself in a manner which made him appear much older. He came across as mature, extremely intelligent – and driven. We joked back then that one day, Daniel would leave us all in his dust. When he began he Teens in Tech company, we knew he was on to something. What better way to foster the tech gods of tomorrow than by giving them support when the passion hits them – in their teens? Daniel and his team are now moving into a new phase they are calling Teens in Tech Incubator, in which they plan to give youngsters an intense hands-on approach to becoming an entrepreneur.

The program will run for an intensive 8.5 weeks over the summer in Silicon Valley. It will give young men and women – the tech stars of tomorrow – a chance to build their confidence, learn the ins and outs of the tech world and gain feedback from an all-star roster of mentors. The mentors include representatives from Seesmic, PayPal, Twilio, Posterous, Salesforce and more.

The program lasts a little over eight weeks and is very hands on, in terms of mentor and advisor involvement. Each time will be paired up with a group of mentors and advisors that will help during the process. At the end of the eight weeks, the teams will present their startups to a group of Venture Capitalists, Influencers, members of the press, and others called at an event called “Demo Day.”

As Daniel himself has said, being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be an “adult” with a college degree under your belt. Teens have the brains – and often the maturity level – to get major things done in this fascinating little corner of the world we tech geeks call home. People such as Daniel and our friend Mark Bao have proven that sentiment time and again.

If you’re a youngster in the Silicon Valley interested in participating in the program, applications are available now. Apps are due prior to March 18th. The program runs from June 20th – August 10th, 2011.