Get Up and Move

Sitting at your desk all day long is bad for your health – and your pants size. Many of you don’t have the luxury of finding the time to participate in a long, drawn-out exercise routine. How the heck can you improve your health if you don’t have enough hours in the day to get fit? New research shows that moving around for even sixty seconds at a time is good for your heart, your weight AND your waistline.

That’s right – I said sixty seconds at a time. Researchers found that the more breaks people took during the time they spent being sedentary, the smaller their waist circumference. Breaks didn’t need to involve physical exercise – they could be as simple as walking around the office. Dr. Genevieve Healy says that her findings highlight the importance of taking regular breaks throughout the day to just move around.

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One thought on “Get Up and Move”

  1. I tried to find the exact study being referenced because the findings were a little vague. While I agree that frequent, active breaks have a positive effect and should be done over simply sitting for hours, it wasn’t clear if there were enough healthy effects on the heart, as there is with regular exercise. While it is a step in the right direction, we must get people more active on a regular basis. Sixty second bouts of activity may not have the cardio-vascular effect that the journalists of CTV want it to be. Don’t burn your gym membership just yet.

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