Will You Rent Electronics from Best Buy?

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A few week’s ago, Best Buy (and most recently, Apple) changed their policy and ended the infamous re-stocking fee policy. No more do you have to pay a 10-15% fee to return items that you no longer want or need.

However, this brings up an interesting question mentioned in the Consumerist: Will this tempt people to simply “rent” their electronics? If there isn’t a penalty for returning, couldn’t someone “buy” a 65″ TV for the Superbowl and return it the next day? What about a laptop/projector for a business meeting later in the week. This can definitely be abused, but I hope the bad apples don’t hurt consumers as a whole.

Lamarr asks an interesting question: Will you be abusing this policy and risk being labeled a “scumbag” by your local store, or will you only use it when needed?

2 thoughts on “Will You Rent Electronics from Best Buy?”

  1. I obviously like this idea from a consumers point of view, but from a business point of view its full of fail. There will be tons of those “scumbags” as you say and many many people will abuse this and just buy the product for a few days knowing they will be returning it. But I am sure they have thought this out long and hard.

  2. I never would have thought of just “renting” the equipment I needed for a project/event until I read this post. Maybe I am just naive. Too bad we have to worry about people abusing the “system” just to save some cash.

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