Which Version of Windows is Right for You?

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Someone wondered recently why there are so many versions of Windows. I wanted to answer with “Because Microsoft hates you!” Have you ever walked into a store and been confronted with seventy different types of gum? You have no idea what you want. The same thing happens with Windows… there are so many flavors, you aren’t sure what it is you want and need.

Microsoft does this because they want to give you what you need. The problem arises when you don’t know what you need. I say they should make one version and let people choose which parts of that piece of software they want. That has caveats of its own, of course. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Theoretically, Microsoft is giving you a choice of features with a variety of pricing structures. I don’t agree with this. I just want gum. I’m also the kind of guy who walks into a store and buys plain vanilla ice cream. I just want ONE thing.

It would be easier to have one copy of Windows and allow you to buy (and use) the portions you want to use. This makes sense from a marketing and a consumer standpoint.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel there are too many flavors of Windows?

One thought on “Which Version of Windows is Right for You?”

  1. I don’t know what the big deal is. There are only three editions of Windows 7 available for general retail, and they’re each pretty self-explanitory, in my opinion.

    If you’re only using Windows for simple stuff, Home Premium should be sufficient, and if you need it for more business purposes, spring for the Professional. I, of course, have yet to hear of any real benefits to wasting money on Ultimate!

    This is not unlike many products, such as laundry detergent, where one brand has several different variations, which each do pretty much the same thing, but with different ‘bells & whistles.’

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