Teacher – Student Texting: Banned?

Should teachers be allowed to text their students, or friend them on Facebook? The State of Virginia doesn’t think so, and they’re working on legislation to make sure it doesn’t happen. The policy, named “Proposed Guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct & Abuse in Virginia Public Schools,” addresses a number of areas in which school board employees interact and communicate with students. This will hopefully cut down on the number of sexual harassment charges filed against educators.

Many teachers are angry over this proposition, and are wondering why electronic communication is being singled out. They feel (rightly so, in my humble opinion) that ALL interaction between the staff and students should be held to the same level of professionalism… whether it’s done electronically or face-to-face.

What are your thoughts? Is Virginia going a bit too far in their quest to curb problems? Are they on the right track?

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6 thoughts on “Teacher – Student Texting: Banned?”

  1. Once again, a few perverts abusing ethical decency are the scapegoats for more government oversight and a commensurate reduction in essential freedom. In this case the freedom is that of free speach. The other rationalization to taking such steps throught the legislative process, which is increasingly clearly in violation of the US Constitution.
    The school board is simply trying to avoid being sued. Well the approach should be to properly manage their employees, oh, yes that may be hard due to the Unions preventing teacher accountability. Oh well, power corrupst dosn’t it. Voters need to take the responsibility or surrender all freedom to those who consider themselves annointed to make all the decisions for what is good for the voters. The voters deserve what they get as they give away their God givern freedon for the pormis of being taken care of. Tyrany is at the door.

  2. In Australia teachers aren’t aloud to friend on facebook or have students numbers. Its not a law, i believe, but its a rule set by the education department.

  3. As a Virginia Educational Employee, I think everything Virginia does is counter intuitive, this is just par for the course. I think they should just not have any interaction between students/teachers at all. I mean they already barely get parental interaction, so whats the point? Everythings the Teachers fault, right? The kids aren’t ever at fault, right? The parents who don’t care about their kids enough to check homework, or see what they’re doing on online, or where they are or where they’re going aren’t to blame either. Yes, eliminate teachers talking to students all together, because since everyone’s apparently a pervert there’s NO WAY it could be just talking in a normal/friendly matter. Thats why we’re behind the rest of the world and deservedly so. Honestly, I wish these lazy uninvolved parents would keep they’re unmotivated, uninterested, uneducated demon spawn at home, so the kids that want to learn Can. I have no tolerance for Stupidity. Ignorance can, at least be overcome.

  4. Many of my teachers follow students on Facebook. At the end of the day when you spend so long with them you kinda become friends with some of them. I don’t see why its kicking up a fuss.

  5. Should teachers be allowed to text their students, or friend them on Facebook?

    Silly question. Teachers, like everyone else, are guaranteed the rights of free speech and free press in the first amendment to the US Constitution, and in Article 1, Section 12 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    The real question to be addressed is:
    Should the class of persons known as “teachers”
    suffer abridgement of their constitutionally
    guaranteed rights of free speech and/or free press?

    Those who would answer in the affirmative bear the burden of explaining and proving why the specific and very clear language contained in the constitutions noted above that prohibits the making of laws abridging freedoms of speech and press may, and can be, ignored.

  6. I worked in a private school in hte UK for many years. One of the teachers was appointed (after vetting and training) to be the ‘Childrens officer. This was a legal appointment and had the full trust of students and TEACHERS. That person was responsible for ANY child abuse suggestions or realities. Children, teachers, or parents could confidentially bring any abuse or similar to that person and it would be dealt with appropriately. The system worked and had full trust of both sides of the problem. The media of communication is not the problem to actuality of human behaviour is the problem!!
    I realise this was a UK solution but it does from a non USA point of view seem to have value.

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