Upcoming Android Additions

Mog is a premium music service that lets you pay $10 a month to stream an unlimited number of songs to your computer and your mobile devices. The service will even let you download entire albums to your phone and save them. Ustream is a service which allows you to view live video streams – or stream a show of your own with just a few mouse clicks. The two companies do very different things, but they have one very important thing in common as of today: both will be automatically bundled onto 4G Verizon Android devices.

MOG will also be featured in Verizon’s V CAST app store, and users will be able to sign up for MOG accounts using Verizon carrier billing. By utilizing carrier billing, the companies are betting that more people will want to sign up for the service, since they won’t have to whip out their credit cards yet again. Additionally, having it bundled on the phone automatically will help make sure people use it… what better way is there to test out just how good that 4G connection really is than by downloading an entire music album with it?

The Ustream application will let you both broadcast and view live video streams. There will be integrated chat and social network integration for posting your videos to Facebook and Twitter. This will mean more exposure than ever for Ustream, a move that the company hopes will gain them more users. In a world of tough competition with other streaming applications, Ustream needs every advantage they can get. Making it simple to use on every Verizon 4G Android device is a great way to get a leg up on other similar services.

What are your thoughts? If you are a potential customer, are you happy to see these applications being included on your device without your asking for them?