Why Do You Use Google Chrome?

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Someone in our live community recently asked what I feel the advantages – and disadvantages – are for using Google Chrome. We are talking about the web browser in this instance, not the operating system. Google Chrome is built upon the Chromium foundation, as are Flock and RockMelt.

One advantage of Chrome is that they are constantly releasing new versions. It’s not going to disappear into obscurity. Google’s entire business model IS “the Web.” They are going to do their best to continue to try and build the best browser possible. There’s seemingly always a new beta version available, proving further that they are evolving on a regular basis.

I honestly can’t come up with a disadvantage, unless someone doesn’t want statistics sent back to Google. There are occasional crashes, as well, but yeah – EVERY browser has that problem at times. Is there anything you can think of?

What are YOUR thoughts? Is Chrome a good choice – or not?

24 thoughts on “Why Do You Use Google Chrome?”

  1. I personally use Google Chrome on all my PCs and refuse to use anything else. Though it does crash sometimes, it’s very rare and the browser is very reliable. Haven’t seen any disadvantages at all!

  2. The only reason I don’t use chrome is the Firefox extensions that I can’t seem to do without. If Chrome had equivalents of the extensions I use then I wouldn’t really have a reason not to.

  3. Web site compatibility at times. Some sites aren’t programmed to be compatible with Chrome (some banking and investment), but it is a quick click to open IE9 (usually in compatibility mode, as ver. 9 isn’t supported, either). That’s about it. I am a MS fanboy, but I really love Chrome. It’s a lot better than Firefox, which has gone way downhill lately.

    I think Chrome’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a long shot.

  4. I’ve been using RockMelt and love the interface. Yes, it has a few hiccups but what doesn’t? I still need to launch Firefox or IE every once in a while for workarounds but it is pretty painless. Being able to chat with friends on Faceboook right from my browser without launching FBnis very nice!

  5. Was using FireFox but then had a problem with flash were it would use about 60% of my CPU so i switched to Chrome at the time and cba to switch back 😛

  6. I recently made the switch from Firefox to Chrome, because of its use of web-apps. I use the new Tweetdeck as well as Jolicloud, where they are not available in Firefox. I’ve also gotten used to Chromes simplistic interface which each browser is trying to imitate. I get the feeling that Chrome might do what IE has done back in 2002, where they create features that everybody wants, but would not make available for other browsers.

  7. I’ve been having problems with video in Firefox for a while, probably one of my plugs ins. So I’ve taken to opening up Chrome to run videos (Youtube, Hulu, etc).

  8. Speed is the biggest factor for me. I always have tons of tabs (and other applications) and Google Chrome handles it wonderfully.

  9. I don’t use it simply because I’m afraid to give Google that much control over my life. I already send half my email through them, have them as a homepage, do all my searching through them, and occasionally use some of their other services. The folks at Google don’t need to know that I’m going to buy a Wii for the family, and they shouldn’t have access to that. I use Safari on my Mac because it is very fast, relatively memory-efficient, and if it were to call home with all my information, it’s just Apple, who already has all my information for shipping purposes.

    I use Firefox on my PC because it is fast, very customizable, and doesn’t phone home.

    When I’m out at school or somewhere else, I have Iron, a browser built on Chromium and designed to NOT have all the information-stealing components, installed on a USB thumb drive that saves all my login information on the thumbdrive and not on the computer. I can log into a website at home on it, unplug it, and plug it back in at school, and I’ll still be logged in. That’s pretty neat.

    So overall, Chrome is nice and all, but I just don’t trust Google with my entire web browsing life. They already have my email, search, even some of my phone calls, but they aren’t gonna get my billing information or web history.

  10. Now this will not be a very objective commentary. But basically i switched from IE, to Firefox, to Chrome. Then when Chrome was acting up, i tried Safari (Windows user). Then back pedaled to Chrome.

    Then went back to Firefox… and back to Chrome.

    There are too many advantages for Chrome in my opinion. Part of it is the friendly UI, and the extensions it offers. I don’t even need to install whole bunch of translators as it does this automatically.

    Also abit more on the extensions is this: most of what firefox has, chrome has an equivalent or better. (read: most).

    Then again, I guess i had nothing good (in terms of disadvantages) so i shouldn’t have said anything at all. =P

  11. I like Chrome but it gives me occasional problems. Sites, downloads etc that give me 404 (or the equivalent) I have to move over to IE8 to get past whatever problem is freaking out Chrome.
    Also some software requires IE to be the default browser.

  12. I like Google Chrome because it is fast, quick to start, and with extensions and web store it is going to be even more powerful browser.

  13. It’s boring as hell, not worth the time. Why limit the web to a browser, apps will prevail. By the way, the video was boring as Chrome. Please don’t do a flash video, please!

  14. When did flock switch to chromium from mozilla?

    Anyway, the strongest disadvantage I can come up with is that they release builds very frequently and some of those are broken. Example: the build of chrome in the official Ubuntu Maverick repos right now has some serious issues with its javascript interpreter which breaks quite a few websites I use.

    Next to that, the inbuilt development tools are weak compared to Firefox extensions, and even IE8’s dev tools gives them a run for their money in the JS debugging department. That’s not a problem for most people.

    Last but not least, smaller and less diverse selection of extensions vs. Firefox. Notably (for me) lacking a version of TORButton and some other handy dev and crypto extensions that stop me from using it exclusively. For general browsing though I love it.

  15. I tried to move to chrome from opera recently and had two main problems.
    1) no built in feed reader. I know I can use google reader or something else but I wanted something like the one in Opera or even IE.
    2) Show/hide image toggle button. I used it regularly with opera when a graphic heavy site wasnt loading properly…
    except for these chrome is a great browser.

  16. The one advantage I find over Firefox with using Chrome is on video sites such as You Tube and Hulu. More often than not…Firefox goes crazy and dies…while I have never had this problem with Chrome.

  17. Chome will not allow me to copy text from a web site and paste it into Google docs. This is a deal breaker for me.

  18. Google Chrome is a great browser, I still have to use firefox to watch my Slingbox. I’m still waiting for that extension. There’s an android app, that’s 30 bucks, why nothing for chrome or even linux?

  19. As a web designer, Firefox and Safari are the 2 browsers with the most support.. Sites look better in firefox than they do in Chrome or IE or Opera as firefox supports a huge load of CSS3.. I design all my sites for firefox as it has the largest user base and the produced sites are compliant.. I couldn’t care less about IE, I don’t even bother trying to apply the hundreds of hacks and workarounds needed to make the site look even half as good as it does in firefox.

  20. It searches through the files you download. It essentially knows what are you downloading and hence what you use and, by deduction, why you use it. Your anonimity is gone with Google Chrome!!

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