Which Programming Language Do You Prefer?

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Someone on our Lockergnome site recently asked which full programming language is “the best.” That is a good question – but impossible to answer, really.

Each language was developed for a specific purpose. What works for one type of application may not work for another. Therefore, you can’t really chose “the best.” It would be better to ask which was the best for what you are trying to DO at any given time.

Everything from WordPress to moveable type uses something different. It’s impossible, therefore, to try and figure out any one language to name as the be-all and end-all of language types. The most useful programming language, ultimately, is the one that will best serve your needs.

No one language will or can do everything. If you want to be a general programmer, you’re going to have to learn many different types. If you want to be specialized, then sure – focus on one or two that you will need in your career or hobby.

What do you think? I’m sure you have your favorite language… but do you truly believe any one is better or more important than everything else out there?

4 thoughts on “Which Programming Language Do You Prefer?”

  1. I’m a programmer. I used to love PHP for web development and Java for non-web programming.
    Then…….i met Python and we’re in love, we have some kids now and our love only grows.
    Stuff like Google App Engine, Django and the loving community Python has made me say it is my favorite language.

  2. The C languages are the best for me right now, since I’m learning to write iPhone/iPad apps. Objective C and Xcode all the way.

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