Do You Need Anything Other Than a Phone?

Fifty-one percent of 25- to 29-year-olds live in households that have kicked the landline habit, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This marks the first time that the number of wireless-only households have surpassed land-line households in any age bracket.

The findings in general and among the various age groups are significant because they show that cell-phone-only households aren’t prevalent just among younger, single people, according to Stephen Blumberg, the report’s author. Blumberg told the Associated Press the numbers suggest that young adults who use cell phones alone continue that habit as they have families.

What’s the demographic look like within our community? Are people in your age group making the big switch to cell phones only?

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3 thoughts on “Do You Need Anything Other Than a Phone?”

  1. wife and I (both 65) use cellphones only. Looking back landlines were a waste of money for past 7 years when we lived in Chicago and then Houston.

  2. Just wanted to share this. The statistics may be different here in Asia. In my country alone, the number of individual cellphone units in existence greatly surpass the number of landlines in homes, and this was even back in the mid 90s.

    This is due to the reason that mobile phones have become easier to acquire than landlines. Plus it is cheaper to maintain cellphones we have “pre-paid” cards that allow even just regular, below minimum wage, Joe to own a mobile phone.

    I’d say that we were way ahead of the times as more people have started to abandon landlines back in the 90s and almost every single citizen, irregardless of demographics, now own a cell-phone. This is a good thing since the value of staying connected with people is deeply embedded in our culture. Mobile phones have made us more connected than any other technology invented as of this time.

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