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Beginning today, you can opt-in to take part in the brand-new YouTube home page. According to the press release, this new layout offers a homepage that has a real emphasis on a personalized video browsing and watching experience. It’s quite different looking, definitely. The question is – is it something we really need in order to have a better experience on the site?

So, what’s in store with the new shiny page? Plenty, according to the powers-that-be:

  • Combined list – Merges your subscriptions, friend activity, and recommendations into one easier-to-scan list (and a “Subscription uploads” tab if you only want to see subscriptions)
  • Don’t miss a video – If a channel uploads 4 videos in a day, you’ll see all 4 – instead of just the latest video
  • Delete anything – Hover over any video you don’t want to watch and click ‘x’
  • Or just grey it out – Videos you’ve already watched will be grayed out – so even without deleting, you’ll know where you left off
  • Help me re-find stuff I just watched – Your homepage will include your recent likes and favorites so you can easily get back to them
  • Easy inbox – Links to your inbox (personal messages & comments) are front and center

My question is, though, is all of this eye candy really necessary in order to improve my experience while visiting the site? It’s a well-known fact that YouTube has tried too hard in the past to “fix” things – only to make them worse. What do you think? Is this new home page a step in the right direction – or not?

One thought on “New YouTube Home Page”

  1. I’m normally very open to changes. I critisise my friends for how whenever Facebook makes a change, they immediately start complaining, without thinking of the advantages.
    While I see that for some this could be good — it means you can see all the videos from a particular subscription together — for the way I consume YouTube content, this is a step backwards. I just like to get through all my feeds, picking ones that I’m more interested in first, but also trying to get the older ones done first. With this new interface, it’s harder to see the videos in order of age. Plus, I don’t usually want to see a lot of videos from the same channel back-to-back.

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