How to Watch YouTube Videos in HD

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Patrick Norton from Tekzilla joins us this week to share the secret to watching everything in YouTube at the highest quality possible. A special Chrome extension does all the work for you instead of toggling the quality setting and restarting the video you already loaded!

YouTube offers several different resolution options. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it always be HD, instead of needing to change it each time and reload your video? Patrick is showing off a Chrome extension that will make sure you are always watching the latest viral vid in the highest quality possible!

Chrome Extensions are little browser addons that help make your web experience even better. The one you’ll need to play YouTube videos in the quality they were recorded is called Auto HD.

When you first install the addon, choose your resolutions in order of preference. It’s quite simple to use, and you’ll never need to configure anything ever again.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the gang at Tekzilla.