Skype 5 Forcing Updates

Word is trickling in that Skype has introduced a “feature” no one is going to like: forced updates. Many people have thus far opted out of upgrading to the newest version of the popular calling software, choosing to wait until the many bugs have been fixed. However, Skype doesn’t want to give you the choice of when to update your software. They are simply doing it for you, according to the community.

Even if you have told your current version not to automatically check for updates, it’s going to do it anyway. Users are reporting that while the software is updating itself, clicking the button to cancel it and exit out “does nothing to stop it.” Additionally, the option to disable auto updates or roll back is conveniently gone from this new version.

Thankfully, Jack Zhang has found a hack which will keep your Skype version where you want it. “Just set the file permissions for the “SYSTEM” and “Administrators” accounts in Windows on the Skype.exe file to deny writing. I have not gotten the forced update ever since.”

This stinks, fellow geeks. Since when should we EVER be forced to accept a software update if we don’t want it? Why has it suddenly become okay for Skype – or anyone – to make changes to my system without my authorization? If you have your program set to allow these updates, that’s all fine, well and good. However, when people have purposely turned that option OFF, there is no reason an update should be forced. Not allowing them to stop the update while it’s in progress or roll back to an older version is just bad juju.

Skype. Get with the program. Knock this crap off. Pronto!

What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate Skype so kindly updating your software for you?

15 thoughts on “Skype 5 Forcing Updates”

  1. I just logged in one day like any other day, and it was all like BOOM, IMMA UPDATE NOW, and I was like… Ok???….. and then it came up and I was like…. Ew.

    Synopsis: Skype 5 is ugly and I would rather not be forced to use it.

  2. I smell a “top 25 most annoying software” award coming up for the little smelly something that is Skype for Windows. Seriously, forcing updates? That shouldn’t be. What if the new update causes problems? What if it does more damage to the user’s system? What if the new update rendered the computer to be partially unusable?

    Well, I can say “I’m on a Mac”, but I also use my share of Skype for Windows. I do not approve of Skype’s actions… not one bit.

  3. Hell, even Apple doesn’t do this, and they’re one of the largest voices about keeping stuff up to date to ensure compatibility in their walled garden.

  4. No, I wouldn’t appreciate it at all. Is this happening on the Mac version or just the Windows version? Just on reading the first paragraph, I set my firewall in System Preferences to deny all connections for Skype, for the time being, even after I downgraded to the previous version like a week ago. Couldn’t see the chat in the new version of Skype for Mac when a new chat was created. That makes it half useless. Actually, three quarters useless, since Skype for Mac is already, honestly, halfway useless.

    If the auto…no wait. If the FORCED updates were happening on the Mac version, and it wouldn’t let me force quit from the dock or Activity Monitor, I guess it would be one of those rare opportunities where I get to open Terminal, find the Skype PID, and hit the sudo kill -9 switch on that mother…Pshhh. Who am I kidding? Like a developer for Skype for Mac could be so clever…LOL!

  5. 3.8 as the last stable version of Skype for windows
    all the new features in the later version made the sotware harder to use, and they took away the ability to send people contacts.
    of course it now is needed to download 3.8 from file hippo or some 3rd party source as Skype really wants you on the newer version.
    I will say the newer version do seem to have a slightly better sound quality, but for voice it is not so critical. I am glad my primary OS is Linux so I am not dealing with as frequent updates, and I do not need 3rd party programs to open more than one skype session (I ave multiple login names)
    I would look forward to them adding a better coherence call for the linux version an then I could end the need to use the windows version at all.
    Skype as had a history of bad updates, I think that forcing users to adopt the updates is perhaps their way of recruiting more beta testers.

  6. In my opinion, every internet-connected piece of software should be forced to update simply so security holes are closed before they can be exploited. If microsoft used this policy, then internet explorer 6 would have died 5 years ago.

    1. If you had any experience as a corporate network administrator you would know that is an insanely bad idea. You always test changes in software before rolling them out to the entire network. You don’t naively trust the software developers to find all of the bugs for you and install each patch automatically.

  7. The Skype system belongs to Skype. Perhaps there might even be a reason why they want everyone on the same version page, so to speak. Disapproval is simplicity itself…remove the software.

    Now, if you were PAYING for the service, it would be another story, of course.

  8. Friend is already hating the newest version. I don’t want it either, wonder what I can do. I hate when they can do things to my computer without my authorisation! Looks like we should find other ways to talk online.

  9. skype versions beyond 3.xx consumes a lot of bandwidh, I keep a lot of installers for “old” versions , more new skypes are cosmetically very very old fashioned with sharp corners , no modules for donwloads , and never lets to use macros or screen readers for the blind

  10. We don’t need different “sky pilots”, clergymen or similar persons or organisation “to take care of our souls”. Give us the choice and leave it to us to decide what we accept and what we reject!!!

  11. I’ve got the Premium Skype for Mac. Which means I pay for it, so, yes, I should have a say. No one should force an update, that’s not okay. I’ve just had a forced update and absolutely hate the format – that is why I downgraded a while back out of the upgrade, because it was so difficult to work and so fiddly. It takes up more space, it crashes more often because they’re trying to do too much with it, it takes up too much bandwidth and I’m really pissed off because I have no other way to communicate with my friends all over the world, so I have to put up with this. But seriously, forced updates (esp if you’re paying for the product): SO NOT OKAY.

  12. Since new updates are forced, my parents have problems using it.
    We pay premium for skype, older people have massive issues with this software.
    Older version was fine, easy to navigate etc.
    I hate it and want to use substitute program form making calls.

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