Does a Mac Need Security Software?

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A chat room visitor asked me if it’s necessary to have an anti-virus program installed on Mac OS X. Most people will tell you that it isn’t needed, but I have a feeling my assistant Kat won’t agree with that assessment.

Guess what? I happen to agree with her. You should run security software on your Mac. Just because there aren’t “many” pieces of malware out there for OS X doesn’t mean there are “none.” There are a few running around the wilds. Nothing is perfect. As more people turn to Mac more vulnerabilities will be released.

If you want to be safe, you want to run something that’s going to keep you clean and free from all digital nasties… not just a virus. Mac OS X can suffer from Spyware, yes. There may not be a lot of it, again, but it is there.

If you’re going to connect to the Internet, you need to do so safely – even on Linux.

What do YOU think?

2 thoughts on “Does a Mac Need Security Software?”

  1. Any recommendation on particular packages? All the ones that I looked at were meant to fend off Windoz viruses, which, by definition don’t affect an OS X box.

    If you’re talking about *browser* vulnerabilities, which can’t be attributed to, or count against a particular OS, that’s a different discussion.

    I’ve not found a lot of organized, in-depth info on dealing with browser-related, OS-agnostic malware defense. Some info about that would help.

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