Teach parents tech?

Have you had to teach your parents how to use a computer? How many hours (or weeks!?) did you spend just getting the basics down with them? I feel for you – honestly. I’ve been there, done that and hope to never repeat the experience again.

Teach parents tech?

Go ahead – tell us your best horror story here in the comments. What’s the most frustrating, funny or outrageous thing that happened when trying to teach an old dog some new tricks?

5 thoughts on “Teach parents tech?”

  1. A computer technical had warned my mum to be careful of downloads and fake anti virus programs – she took this warning a little too extreme and rung me up during school once in a panic because she thought Abode reader was a virus.

    For months she didn’t do any virus scans or update AVG Free Anti virus because she was scared it was a fake virus scanner.

    Not that bad, but somehow because the computer was left unprotected, it managed to get a few hundred, maybe even thousand virus’s and had to be sent to some pro’s for it to cleaned up.

  2. Every time I tell my mom to clic something, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve explained this to her, she always asks me: right or left. It is frustrating. Xo

  3. Old computer… my dad is under the impression that his 10 year old computer is still good because he spent $1000 on it back then and is under the belief that it is as good as the cheaper computers nowadays

  4. Yeah I still my parents how to use a computer but haven’t gotten to teach them much for dad is too stubborn or arrogant to listen, claiming he knows everything and mum just doesn’t have the time… Last time dad was trying to send an e-mail but ended up downloading virus protector… Yeah… Strange though… My antimalware softwares were turned off…

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