How Often Do You Upgrade Your Computer?

Your computer is slowing down. Things don’t run the way they should anymore. You baby it along by defragging, uninstalling programs, deleting files and cleaning things up as much as possible. Perhaps you go as far as cursing at your poor machine or even threatening it with a hammer. At what point, though, do you throw in the towel and upgrade that sucker? When do you know it’s just TIME to spend a few bucks to add a new stick of RAM or upgrade your processor?

The general consensus over on Lockergnome seems to be that geeks upgrade on an as-needed basis. Only one person was brave enough to admit that they upgrade any time something new comes along. One other person stated that they NEVER upgrade – they simply start fresh with a new machine.

Where do you fall in the computer-upgrade spectrum?

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4 thoughts on “How Often Do You Upgrade Your Computer?”

  1. It depends how hardware dependent is your work, and how much you play games, which are the greatest drivers of change. My optimal period is something like 3-5 years.

  2. Upgrade when needed which generally seems to be within a 4-5 year cycle. I always go top shelf On the purchase to future proof the configuration as much as possible

  3. For the subset of humanity who were “geeks” of one sort or another for decades starting in the mainframe era and now due to age or health find ourselves on fixed incomes, the answer is that very often we have to nurse our aging systems along for months or years after they start acting up until we receive sufficient additional funds from some other source that don’t have to be immediately spent on housing, utilities, food, and medicine . . . 🙁

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