Do You Want an iMac?

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Brandon asked in chat the other night if an iMac is a good investment. I don’t know if I can view any computer as an “investment.” Yes, I think the iMac is a good computer. The issue I see with a lot of desktop computers is that they lose their value the moment you bring them home. The iMac is an excellent machine, to be sure. However, is it really something you need?

I wouldn’t classify any computer as a good “investment,” no. Even an iMac will lose value over time. Get whatever machine it is that will fit your needs, whether it’s an iMac or a Windows machine.

Take care of your machine… baby it. Keep it in good shape and you just may be lucky enough to make a little cash from it when the time comes for you to upgrade to something newer.

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  1. I consider an iMac to be an excellent computer. Yes, I’d love to have a Mac Pro as well.

    I consider a computer an investment because it serves a purpose for me. I prefer to have multiple computers to act together for live shows, etc.

    I prefer Macintosh computers because they’ve provided me more satisfaction and reliability than PCs ever offered.

  2. I’d disagree with you, you’re thinking only about one possible meaning of an investment. You should also think about what it is worth to you as an asset, for example, when I build a new PC, seeing as I don’t get into gaming or artsy stuff, I always install Linux, therefore it wouldn’t be worthwhile investing in a shiny new computer from an oem only offering whatever new and supposedly improved version of Windows available, nor would I pay the extra for the extra features a Mac might have. Likewise, most people who were purchasing a computer specifically for gaming, would consider a Windows computer with a graphics card to be a much better investment. So in that case for example it could be a wiser investment to go for a high end Alienware PC, rather than a Dell or a Mac. Calling it an investment doesn’t mean that you’ll get a financial return out of it. However you’d definitely want to get a return of some form, be it for work related purposes, or simply for the enjoyment of watching movie, playing games or surfing the web.

    Personally I would consider a Mac to be a poor investment, as it would cost extra, but would give me no extra features I would need(or use), but different criteria applies to different people.

  3. I agree — I wouldn’t consider a computer an investment, unless we’re talking about the benefit you get from owning one. You certainly don’t buy a computer for its resale value down the road (which, given a long-enough road, might even be less than the value of the materials used to make the components — kind of an inverse synergy, i.e. the whole is less than the parts). No, a computer is a utility device. I mean, you wouldn’t invest in a dishwasher for its future resale value, do you? You get one because of the benefit it provides, and you use it until it’s used up — at which point you repair or replace. Similar with computers.