This is Why Apple Wins EVERY TIME

Do you wonder why Apple always wins in any “war?” This sign found in a local store should clear the air for you. The iPod is a specific brand of MP3 player. EVER. OTHER. device has been lumped together – as far as this store is concerned – as simply “mp3.” The merchant obviously feels nothing else will make them money like the iPod will.

This is Why Apple Wins EVERY TIME

This happens quite often in stores all around Seattle and other cities I have traveled to. Are you seeing the same types of favoritism towards Apple products where you live?

8 thoughts on “This is Why Apple Wins EVERY TIME”

  1. some people refer to portable music players as ipods and do not even know the term mp3, … brand names get popular, just like some people refer to cotton swabs as qtips, in my opinion its more of a convenience to the non tech savvy customer base than favoritism…

  2. Or mabey Apple always wins because Apple fanboys will buy any piece of crap they come out with, even if it is indeed Steve Jobs’ literal crap in a bag.

  3. Do you want a KLEENEX? Or do you want a tissue?
    Do you need to make a XEROX, or just a photo copy?
    And I don’t know how common this is, but my grandfather always referenced a refrigerator or ice box as a FRIGIDAIRE.

    Nothing new here. 🙂

  4. Not all of Apple’s products have been totally successful but those that did have become spectacularly successful – we soon forget the losers!

  5. What I don’t like about Apple computers and their software is the much higher cost without increased product quality, compared to Windows and Linux.

  6. This is not favouritism, it’s brand leadership. The same thing happens with the space given to Windows PCs as opposed to other computers. Is this favouritism towards Microsoft, or a simple reflection of the fact that this is what a larger number of customers are interested in purchasing? If it is favouritism, then Apple had to suffer from it for decades, when most stores would not even stock non-MS DOS/Windows products.

  7. I don’t think this is favoritism, I think it’s a simple fact that more consumers know what an iPod is than an mp3 player and won’t know where to buy the device they want (iPod) if the sign simply reads “mp3 players”. Don’t know why they’re even called mp3 players anymore tbh, hardly any of them use mp3 as a primary format, but I digress. Point is, you’re confusing cause and effect. This is essentially the same problem as PC->Windows; the terms are synonymous because of effective marketing, not because of a retailer conspiracy.

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