Angry Birds Peace Treaty

One lone man attempted to bridge the gap between our beloved Angry Birds and those mean old pigs who stole their eggs. It was intended to be a historic moment for birds and pigs everywhere. It certainly started out that way, until one of the birds became a little skeptical:

Don’t get excited. It’s only a framework agreement. It’s time to end this struggle which has cost millions of innocent people their ability to concentrate at work. Enough with that already.

Later in the video, the Yellow Bird shows up to tell everyone assembled how it really is.

We shall not relinquish the historic eggs! In the name of our brothers who crashed into the glass walls! The victims of the Halloween special did not die in vain!

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. The birds are still pissed off. The pigs are still dead. And you’re going to keep playing Angry Birds.