Internet Explorer 9 Thoughts

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The IE 9 beta is definitely something you should try. We uploaded a screencast not long ago to much positive response. There are good things coming down the pike, and Microsoft is definitely getting back into the game.

In four earlier platform previews, aimed primarily at developers, Microsoft has already shown off some of what it’s delivering in IE9: dramatically improved performance, thanks to hardware acceleration and an improved JavaScript engine, along with a relentless emphasis on compatibility with modern web standards.

Even Ed Bott is happy with what he’s seeing. Nothing – and certainly no browser – is perfect, and this is no exception. However, I do believe that we are going to see Internet Explorer start to increase its hold on the market once again.

What are your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9 Thoughts”

  1. So far it is better than the previous IE but any new release should be better than the previous one. I do have some problems viewing flash and have to hit the compatibility button on top. I also have problems while submtting some things in IE9. It doesn’t always take me to the next page or if it a comment it doesn’t process it.

  2. I saw this on a t-shirt:

    Internet Explorer: The best browser to use to download other browsers!

    That says it all, IMHO.

  3. I remember Microsoft since about 1984. Nothing done by this megalomaniacal company will get me to stop looking at anything produced by Microsoft with a juandiced eye.

    And, I’ll never accept any so-called browser by Microsoft as a browser until the infantile, stupid, moronic Internet Explorer alert that says, “When you send information to the Internet, it might be possible for others to see that information. Do you want to continue?” is banished forever! Microsoft has the temerity to actually include a check box, default ‘checked’ saying “Don’t show this message again” — an affront to the intellegence of even first-graders because no matter how many times this idiotic thing appears, no matter how many times you make sure the check box is checked, whether you click “Yes” or click “No” — this abortion is, sure as death and taxes, going to show up again!

    And this is just one tiny facet of the world’s worst browser. I don’t dare even get started on “Internet Options” — especially the Advanced tab!

    Just try to find out how to manage your online user names and passwords!

    So, Microsoft can make it fast, they can make it slick, they can pour slimy money-goo all over it. Until these and the other really basic things are fixed, no version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is any better than the original NCSA Mosaic from which it sprang. In other words, it’s still DRECK and likely will always be DRECK! Microsoft just doesn’t want to do what it takes to make it a usable, functional BROWSER!

  4. Ha no thanks ill stick with Mozilla Firefox. I tried to adapt to Internet explorer 8 again but i just got way too annoyed.

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