Do Geeks Need Dating Advice?

You can vote for my friend, Vanae (who you might remember from an earlier video interview). She needs your help, and I figured… well, you could give it in exchange for a bit of geek-centric dating advice. Don’t let us down, guys! She is in the running for the “Good Mood Gig” from Sam-e Complete, writing in their blog.

Vanae feels that you are a geek because you have great qualities that are hard to find in other people. Own your geekiness! Don’t try to hide it – even from members of the opposite sex. She reminds you to feel good about yourself from the inside out, including taking care to be healthy and practicing good hygiene habits. Be comfortable with yourself so that you exude good energy.

Speak up, guys. You’re invisible until you do, and she won’t know you exist. You know those boundaries that you have, where you are completely unsure of what to do? Stop worrying so much! Don’t let yourself be so socially active. Let go of your boundaries and don’t be afraid to compliment or flirt with that cutie you have your eye on.

Be true to who you are. We’re humans who always evolve and want social connections. Present the best you by carrying on what is authentic. Don’t adopt a persona or techniques that are something other than what and who you are.

Make friends with girls, guys. If you have female friends, you will start to become more comfortable with women in general. Don’t look at every female as a potential date. Hang out with them in a platonic way. Not only will you build confidence, you will also start to learn and understand more about women in general.

What dating tips do you have for those of us who call ourselves geeks?