Should the iPhone Have a Physical Keyboard?

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Recently, someone asked me on Facebook if I felt the iPhone should have a physical keyboard. My answer, in short, is a resounding NO.

I am very grateful that my iPhone does not have a physical keyboard. You might remember that the first video I ever recorded about the iPhone was one stating my reasons for not wanting one. One of the biggest reasons was that it didn’t have a physical keyboard. However, I’ve never been able to type faster on a mobile device of any kind than what I do on my iPhone.

I don’t think the iPhone would be served well at all by having a physical keyboard attached to it. If you want to attach one yourself, go right ahead. I think that the trend is going to continue to remove these from as many smartphones as possible.

Don’t judge until you’ve had the chance to really use a virtual keyboard. I love that it corrects my text when I am typing. Can you see that happening with a physical keyboard? About 80% of the time, my phone knows what it is I was trying to type.

What are your thoughts? Do you miss having a physical keyboard if you no longer have one? Do you think more phones should stop including them?

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