Should the iPhone Have a Physical Keyboard?

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Recently, someone asked me on Facebook if I felt the iPhone should have a physical keyboard. My answer, in short, is a resounding NO.

I am very grateful that my iPhone does not have a physical keyboard. You might remember that the first video I ever recorded about the iPhone was one stating my reasons for not wanting one. One of the biggest reasons was that it didn’t have a physical keyboard. However, I’ve never been able to type faster on a mobile device of any kind than what I do on my iPhone.

I don’t think the iPhone would be served well at all by having a physical keyboard attached to it. If you want to attach one yourself, go right ahead. I think that the trend is going to continue to remove these from as many smartphones as possible.

Don’t judge until you’ve had the chance to really use a virtual keyboard. I love that it corrects my text when I am typing. Can you see that happening with a physical keyboard? About 80% of the time, my phone knows what it is I was trying to type.

What are your thoughts? Do you miss having a physical keyboard if you no longer have one? Do you think more phones should stop including them?

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  1. I type in 3 different languages (French, Portuguese & English) and switching from keyboard/dictionary is a pain. I usually end up realizing in the middle of a sentence that I’m using the wrong dictionary and that all the words typed so far are wrong. The virtual keyboard maybe working well for those that only use one language but it is a pain if you frequently switch from one language to another. All my keyboard dictionaries end up being mixed up and I have to reset them frequently. I would love to have a physical keyboard instead of the virtual one…

  2. It’s a shame that iPhones don’t have physical keyboards. I mean, how else am I supposed to keep a running catalog of my skin dander, loose hairs, and other crap that I keep in my desktop keyboard?

  3. I love the keyboard on my iPod Touch. I would love it even more if it had Swype on it though!

  4. Different people have different needs. I think the iPhone/iPod Touch style touchscreen keyboard well and truly sucks (and I own an iPod Touch, so I do have some experience with it). I love my Android phone with a physical keyboard, and one of the reasons I love it is because of the physical keyboard..

    I would never consider buying an iPhone unless it gets a physical keyboard. But that’s just me Not all of us necessarily want an iPhone. Some of us have to be independent thinkers, instead of sheep. 😉