Do Google Employees Need Servants?

In the fierce competition for good programmers and employees, large companies are beginning to realize they need to offer more than just a cushy salary and stock option package. It’s not unheard of for Facebook to offer a half-million-dollar bonus to an employee who signs on that almighty bottom line. With carrots like that dangled in someone’s face, how can other companies compete? If you’re Google, then you’re likely going to offer to pay for the mundane tasks that your employees don’t want to do themselves.

Google is offering the services of TaskRabbit to employees who live in one of the five cities the company covers – including the Valley. If a developer doesn’t want to do his laundry or walk his dog, he can turn to TaskRabbit runners to do those things for him. TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque explains: “The perks are obvious – employees get the extra help they need and some work life balance, while companies get happy and loyal employees that are more focused on their work (without the stresses of the “little” stuff).”

Do you agree with companies using perks such as this to hire and retain top talent?

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