Is Big Brother Taking Over in the UK?

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The Telegraph in the UK reports that the Coalition Government is reviving its controversial Big Brother snooping plans. Every phone call, every email, every text, and every website visit would be stored for a specified period of time on EVERY Briton. Although they claim the “content” wouldn’t be kept, that just doesn’t seem possible.

Lamarr is outraged over this. He feels that the UK is going way too far. Every citizen who has a telephone or Internet access will be monitored in an almost creepy way.

The government claims that the actual content isn’t being kept, only records of what calls are made or received and what websites are visited. How can you really keep track of text messges and emails and NOT keep the content of those items? Do we really believe that they won’t?

Lamarr says that they need to have more freedom, and stop doing these mean things. This is definitely a touchy subject, no matter which side of the fence you are on. What are your thoughts?

As a side note, Lamarr threw a podcast online to talk about his vlog from last week regarding what you feel is legal and illegal. You’re all invited to listen in and leave your thoughts with him after.

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