Super Sleuth Mike Arrington Uncovers a Plot – or Does He?

I know from talking to people in our community that all of you either absolutely love Michael Arrington – or you hate him. Either way, you have to hand it to the guy today: he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is on the side of what is right. Is he always right himself? Of course not… none of us are. I don’t happen to always agree with him, just as many of you don’t agree with me every time I type something. If you ever doubted Mike’s intentions, though, today’s detective reporting should put an end to that.

The TechCrunch founder got wind of a super-secret meeting being held today, with ten of the heaviest-hitting angel investors involved. Mike did what he felt any good journalist would do… showed up at the meeting unannounced. Being friends with every person in the room, Michael fully expected a round of drinks to be had before he left them to their meeting. Instead, he was greeted by an awful lot of dead silence. No one even greeted him. Not one person offered him a chair. A few of those in the room even looked quite ashamed to be there.

Arrington did what he felt best and beat a hasty retreat. Then, of course, he headed to the computer to do what he does best. If even a few of his speculations are true, this could be quite a serious issue. However, what if the people were gathering together to discuss something innocent that they aren’t ready to unleash on the public as of yet? Wouldn’t that account for their secrecy? I know… I’m trying almost too hard to see the good side of things. These ten people have already been drawn and quartered in nearly every blog across the world. However, I’m still holding on to my optimism until we have cold hard facts.