How to Be a Social Media Expert

I have been following a new account over on Twitter lately. @keyboardsnark has some seriously good things to say. One of this person’s tweets earlier caused me to hit that magical retweet button faster than my fingers could click on the mouse. It said: “You have “SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT” in your bio, but you just joined Twitter last week? You must learn new things really, really fast.” How often have we all come across someone who claims to be a social media expert and wondered WHY? Believe me, I’ve stumbled across way too many too count.

What is it that makes people label themselves in this manner? How can anyone possibly deem themselves an expert in social media when they are brand-new to the medium? Talking a lot on Twitter or Facebook does not make one an expert. Trust me on this fact. Here’s a simple fact: People will NOT take you more seriously if you say you’re an expert. They will take you seriously if someone ELSE labels you as such. You will gain far more trust, acceptance and respect if you humbly admit that you do not know everything, but that you are always willing to learn and share what you know.

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