How Has Technology Changed Your Life?

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There’s no denying that technology has made our lives easier in many respects. Over the past 20 years we have seen amazing accomplishments.

As an article on The Consumerist recently mentioned, back in 1990 mobile phones were the size of toddlers, we struggled with programming our VCR and bills were paid by check… in the mail.

We are all grateful for technology simply because it means that Lamarr is no longer a Chippendale’s dancer. Seriously, people. Doesn’t that thought scare you!? (Just kidding, Lamarr! Mostly!)

It’s mind boggling when you think of all of the ways technology has changed and enhanced your life. From the important things such as mobile computing to little things like being able to DVR all of your shows… our lives are far different than they were twenty (or even ten!) years ago.

What tech advancements have made YOUR life easier?

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