Incredibox Beatboxing

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Incredibox lets you throw down your own beatboxing jams in seconds, right in your browser! Mix things up and add or remove different sounds and styles to create something completely unique. Adding more effects will unlock special sections for you to enjoy. There’s even a screensaver you can download and interact with right on your desktop, which comes in versions for both Windows AND Mac.

This incredibly cool Flash game starts off small and may appeal to be uninteresting. You’ll see a guy in a white t-shirt staring at you with a bored expression on his face. Drag one of the shapes from the toolbar onto his shirt. The shirt will turn black and your guy will start “singing” a short loop. Another guy will show up, looking nearly exactly like the first dude. Drag any other icon from the toolbar onto the new person’s shirt and he’ll automagically perform that part of the song.

If you don’t like the way your beat is shaping up, simply click on one of the guys to stop that portion of the song and change things up. Unlock bonuses (cute little fat cartoon guys singing things that go along with your tune quite nicely) by adding more loops to your creation.

The developer has promised we will see a new version soon. However, the last post to their blog was in early November of 2009. Let’s hope that new iteration is on its way. Perhaps it will include a way to save or share what you’ve come up with. Now that would be incredible!

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