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It’s been a while since I last talked to you about Dropbox. It’s a service which gives you 2GB of free storage space in the cloud. You can then purchase up to 100GB of space if you wish to. The best part of Dropbox is being able to share your space with as many others as you choose. Invite people to download or add files, and even help organize them into separate folders. Don’t worry – if you accidentally delete something, Dropbox even lets you undo your oopsie from the interface!

Another cool feature of the service is the fact that it doesn’t matter which operating system you choose to use. Dropbox will sync between Windows, OS X and Linux with ease. Heck, each person using your Dropbox can be on different operating systems, and it doesn’t matter. It will work seamlessly for everyone.

Dropbox can be accessed from your iPhone, Android device or iPad. It’s secure, it’s private and it backs up your files online instantly (and automagically!). This isn’t why I wanted to talk to you today, though. I actually wanted to highlight AirDropper.

AirDropper will let you have people send you files by way of Dropbox, even if they don’t have an account. Connect AirDropper to your Dropbox account and send a file request to someone. They will upload the file, and it appears in your Dropbox folder quickly. Many of the file upload and sharing services out there right now are complete crap. This is the perfect solution!

Habilis is another service that makes Dropbox even more worthwhile for you. Once you sign up for a GetHabilis email address, anyone can send files to that email address and have it show up in your Dropbox account.

Even though you only receive 2GB of storage space free on Dropbox, your storage space can be increased to 10GB when you refer enough people to the service. Check them all out, and let them make your life easier – for free!

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