Archive the Tweets That are Important to You

Tweets are archived for all of eternity in many different places. The problem is, there are millions and millions of them. How the heck are you ever going to find the ones that are actually important to you? Plexipixel and Microsoft’s MIX Online have teamed up together to bring you a whole new way of tracking the Twitter information that you want – when you want it. The Archivist may still be in its Alpha stage, but it is quite a powerful little tool.

Type in any keyword, and The Archivist will track tweets and archives your key words throughout the entire Twitter universe. It will analyze the data and provide you with six easy-to-understand visualizations. It will allow you to export the archives via Excel or .zip files to better analyze and data mine your results. Devs can even download the datasets of top users for any given archive to include in their own projects and applications!

What does this mean to you? You’ll be able to easily visualize, analyze, export and share tweets about your brand. Track trends to find out what people are saying with ease… and see what people have to say about your competition.

After using it only a few times, I have to say that I’m impressed. Try it out for yourself – I have a feeling you’ll be adding this to your arsenal of tools.