Family Technology Trends

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The family that gets geeky together stays together. That’s how the saying goes, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter, I suppose. I happen to know that it’s very true.

My parents – Joe and Judy Pirillo – and my brother Adam were all here to help with the Gnomedex conference. While hanging around at the house late one night after the event had ended for the day, I noticed that everyone was playing with some type of gadget.

Here you see Dad shooting things on the iPad while Mom is griping at a game on her iPod Touch. Adam, of course, couldn’t resist stepping in to help Dad get his game on.

Does your family get geeky together?

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  1. God no. My wife hates technology and finds it insulting if I use my iPhone or netbook while we’re sitting on the couch watching TV together.

    I get a hard time for listening to my iPod while falling asleep. Heck, she doesn’t even want a TV in the bedroom.

  2. Nope, I’m the only nerd in my family. I’ve tried getting my younger siblings into computers and technology. However, all that’s accomplished is a lot of Facebook nonsense. Although, I can be proud to say that, without me, my family would still be using dial-up.