Write a WHAT?!

I spend probably 80% of my working time writing things. I communicate with people across social networks. I compose missives to be sent to various people. I occasionally author books and articles. I draft items to send to potential sponsors. I dash off the quick email or hundred. The one thing I do not do is write a letter. Who needs to do such a thing in this day and age of 140 characters or less?

I’m having a great dinner with some seriously good people tonight at the May Dragon Chinese Restaurant. I’m hanging with the @gkarmy gang and @CaliLewis. We’re telling war stories about our jumps today.

I open my fortune cookie, only to be told to write something that I normally would not. Shit. Who am I to argue with a fortune cookie? I don’t want to screw with my destiny, or any other such stuff. Keep an eye on your mailbox in the coming days, Mom.

Fortune Cookie