How to Overcome Your Fears

Tomorrow morning I will be jumping out of an airplane while I’m in Texas. I’m here to speak at and attend OpenCamp, put on by Cali Lewis. When I was asked if I would consider jumping out of an airplane from a gazillion miles high up in the air, my first thought was a very loud HELL NO. I am, after all, not so fond of heights. Flying on a trapeze the other day during the Gnomedex wrap party nearly gave me heart failure.

So why am I doing it? It’s simple: I need to face my fears head-on. Nike says we should “Just Do It!” I’m going to do exactly that. I will slap on the funky goggles, grab a parachute, close my eyes and scream like a girl all the way down. I’ve heard that even if you’re afraid it’s still the biggest rush of adrenaline you could ever imagine. I’m counting on that.

How have you managed to overcome a fear?

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