Gnomedex Conference Sponsors and Specials

It’s hard to believe that not only is the 10th Gnomedex finally here, though the event is almost over. Later today, we will wrap up this conference with a few surprises for everyone in attendance… including those of you joining us on the live stream. As I collect my thoughts prior to kicking things off this morning, I thought it was a great time to thank the sponsors who are here with us. We also have a few giveaways for the attendees, as well as some discounts for ALL of you out there.

First off, the sponsors on-site:

  • Parallels – John Uppendahl and his team went way above and beyond what any of us could have dreamed up. He showed up at the conference armed with various Parallels products for every attendee. The retail cost of these boxes of software would boggle the mind.
  • FaceVsion – FaceVsion has been giving away some seriously cool cameras, with more being given out to attendees today!
  • InterConnection – InterConnection is a computer recycling service who happens to be giving away an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle to one lucky attendee!
  • Weatherbug – Weatherbug is a long-time Gnomedex and Lockergnome supporter. In addition to their table here full of cool mousepads, they will be giving away an iPad to an attendee.
  • SmartCup – SmartCup CEO Larry Wu is here with us as a presenter. His team of awesome (and very happy) girls is here pouring delicious all-you-can-drink French Press coffee.
  • Microsoft has been very good to us again this year. Not only do we have a Surface table in the hallway for everyone to play with… we also have tables staffed to show people the new Windows Phone 7 AND the newest advancements in Windows 7 on a multi-touch computer.
  • Yelp – We appreciate Yelp being here on-site to talk with everyone and for having plenty of information available.
  • American Public Media – APM is doing some excellent things in the social media space, and they were kind enough to send a few representatives to talk with our attendees during the conference.
  • Real Networks – Not only has Lacey and her team from Real joined us on-site again this year… they were also kind enough to bring EVERY attendee a vuvuzela of their very own! My head and ears will never be the same.

There is also a very special deal going on: Our friends at ThinkGeek are offering all of you a discount. Until 11:59pm tonight, you can use coupon code GNOMEDEX to save $5.00 off of any order of $25 or more – or $10.00 off of an order of more than $40.00.

I have to thank everyone once again for their participation this year, from the volunteers to the sponsors to the attendees. We are having a fantastic time and the day has only begun!