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Music composition and recording. A set of reference speakers and good sound space are essential to make decent recordings and while it might be possible to connect decent speakers (don’t even think about making _good_ recordings using _just_ headphones/earbuds, although each can have _a_ place in reviewing recordings) in a well balanced sound space, why bother when a clean setup of an optimized “desktop” is simply easier and more robust–not to mention the extra “oomph factor” mentioned above–than notebooks can generally (or even _exceptionally_ *heh*) manage.

As for composition, well, I suppose I could attach a 23″ screen to my notebook and use my music transcription software as easily there, as it’s not all that processor/memory intensive, but then it’d just make things klunkier moving the resultant exported midi file off to my desktop for massaging and recording (via attached synths/live instruments and voices and mixing software).

I suppose folks who do serious to semi-serious work with graphics and video files would have similar needs. While such work _can_ be done on relatively powerful notebooks (preferably with the largest screens possible), such use wouldn’t be optimal or reasonable in terms of resources, IMO.

By: Gibson Wed, 18 Aug 2010 01:09:28 +0000 Powerful Laptops are becoming though, the real issue is just the overheating.

Corer i7 2.0ghz overclock capabilities to 3.22 in turbo
Yeah desktops are faster

but still…