7 Reasons why Windows Phone 7 Should be the Called the Xbox Compass

At one time, I carried a Pocket PC. That evolved into a Windows Mobile device – which made far less sense to me, given that “windows” didn’t exist on the platform. Now, we’re to understand that Microsoft is going to brand its next series of mobile devices as “Windows Phone 7” – huh?

Hell, I don’t even like taking phone calls on my phones, anymore. That’s not just because of AT&T’s crappy coverage in the Seattle area (or the iPhone 4’s questionable antenna reception) – but because I prefer emails, texts, tweets, etc.

After getting a personal prototype walkthru, I can’t wait to play with one on a regular basis – but I still don’t believe that “Windows” is the right brand to back this player. In fact, I believe Microsoft should give serious consideration to going with the “Xbox” brand, instead:

  1. Within days, I’m sure the average consumer will be referring to a “Windows Phone 7” device as a “Windows iPhone.” That’s bad. Watch it happen. Get the word “phone” out of its title.
  2. “Windows Phone 7” sounds so… plain. Not that I’ve been impressed with adjectives in titles (the “Droid Impressive” sounds like it has an inferiority complex), but let’s start moving past the idea that this is a device which is only good for making calls. It’s not just a phone – it’s a portable communications center. And please, for the love of God and all that is holy, do not call it the “Microsoft Windows Portable Communications Center.” Slap it with a brand we all recognize, add a word that describes its role… and we’ll have a label worth talking about.
  3. When I hear “Xbox,” I think of slick experiences that work out-of-the-box. When I hear “Windows,” I think I’m going to have a different experience than every other Windows user on the planet. You want me thinking about “Xbox.” I think less about the size and shape of an Xbox and more about the experiences it enables for me. Let’s evolve the “Xbox” metaphor and leave “Windows” to the desktop?
  4. I believe I’ve already stated this, but to hammer the point home: it’s NOT Windows. The Metro UI doesn’t even HAVE windows.
  5. The Xbox isn’t just a gaming console – it’s a true media center, rich with games, content, and communication tools. And if you’re one who believes that the Xbox is just for games, well… you’re wrong. And even if that was the case, have we not already learned that gaming is the killer app for just about ANY mobile platform?
  6. The phone experience looks more like an Xbox than it does Windows.
  7. Watch what happens with people’s eyebrows when you say “Windows Phone 7” versus “Xbox Compass.” If they remain still or furrow, the name has lost the game. I can’t find a SINGLE mobile enthusiast who was impressed with the (hopefully) working title for this new series of devices.

C’mon, Microsoft – the name should be equally as sweet as the product itself. At least make it sound like a tool that I’d be lost without.