Safari 5.0.1 Brings Extensions to the Table

Apple released Safari 5.0.1 into the wilds today. Also introduced at long last is the Safari Extensions Gallery. Apple introduced extensions last June, giving developers time to begin creating browser add-ons using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript standards. This move brings Safari into play again alongside Chrome and Firefox – both of which already support addon features.

What came as a surprise was the name of a few of the new extensions – namely those from Bing and Amazon. You’ll also find extensions for, the New York Times, Twitter and eBay. You can access the new extensions within the browser, and install with a single click. You’ll not have to restart Safari for your choices to take affect, unlike what you have to do with Firefox.

Manage your addons within your Safari window and update with a single click. Disable or enable individual extensions or turn them all off at once. Each extension comes with a signed, digital certificate from Apple to “prevent tampering.” This also verifies that updates come from the original developer. Your extensions are also sandboxed. This will keep them from being able to access information on your system, and disallows communication with websites other than those specified by the developer.