iMovie for the iPhone

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I realize that after having used iMovie on the iPhone a number of times it would be easier to demonstrate it to all of you instead of simply talking about it. It is insanely easy to edit and process your movies and videos using iMovie. Don’t let its ease of use fool you, though. This app is very full-featured and powerful. With iMovie for iPhone, you can start several projects and finish them whenever you want and wherever you are.

After I chose a theme, I selected the video from my phone. I clipped and scrubbed the video in a matter of seconds. I was able to clip the dead air off the beginning of the video by selecting my place and tapping to clip it out. I wish there was a way to clip audio, but I suppose we can’t have everything we wish for.

I pressed the config icon next and made a few selections to change the theme and the theme music. You can choose theme music from the default or your iPod library, which is pretty sweet.

I added my location and “title” (I run one of our website URLs through the entire video) by going into the settings and toggling those options.

As you can see, it really is a snap to use iMovie for your iPhone. It’s a beautiful experience, I promise!

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