Life Without Computers

I had to chuckle when I read Decimic’s question on Lockergnome earlier. Up for discussion is what our lives would be like if computers had never been invented. A few of the answers are funny, with people gasping over the fact that they would have to go back to reading books or drawing pictures. Heck, they might even have to go outside!

One answer in particular caught my attention, though. EoinMuurphy stated simply that “No one can answer this, because we have become so engulfed into the computer world that it’s almost impossible to think what life would be like without it.” Boy, ain’t that the truth? Can you even begin to imagine what your life would be like right now if there were no computers? Sure, we’d all like to think we’d have more time on our hands if we weren’t attached to our machines. Is that really true, though? Wouldn’t your work take up even more of your time without the aid of your various devices and gadgets?

Personally, I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like without a computer nearby. I’m not quite sure how this whole live-streaming thing would work. What do you think? Do you want to imagine a life without computers long enough to ponder what you might be doing differently in life?

Since we DO happen to have computers and devices in our lives, we gathered together all of the best software and apps you could possibly need to make your life easier.

  1. It’s not just personal computers, like the ones we use at home and at work, Computer technology itself is used for so much more things, It would have a wide spread effect.

    I know chris you travel alot, obviously on plane, thing of how many computers are in the cockpit of that jet.

    just as an example 😛

  2. You mentioned reading books and going outside. I can do both & watch TV as well with my Asus netbook with a USB TV Tuner card either running off batteries or plugged into an outlet. For reading…can use PDF or MS Reader. Plus…the patio is so nice when the sun is going down. Idaho beats the h3ll out of NW Arizona where I see the temps were 115 F.

  3. I lived for a time, while growing up, without computers (live seemed simpler) and it wasn’t till I got to high school that I saw my first computer. Think DOS was King then. lol When Windows 3.1 came out I thought there’s no topping that. We keep improving on all levels of computers now. The sky is the limit.

    Every aspects of our lives is influence by computers today and into the future, IMHO. We depend on them. Maybe to much but we’ll have to see somewhere down that road…

    My only vision of what life would be like if there were no computers? Well…if you’ve ever watched the movie The Book of Eli then that would be the vision panted I would have of what this world would be like with no computers.

    : )

  4. Well, just go to some poor persons home and just take a look that even when they don’t have any pc’s they are many times happier than us. I tell this to you by own experience even after being an computer addicted.