Are You Wearing Jinx?

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I love to wear clothes – especially if they are free t shirts. Jinx has a new batch of shirts coming out in the very near future, and sent several of them to me to preview. You cannot really review a shirt, can you? I can tell you how cool it looks, or how comfy it is. All I can do, though, is show them off and tell you where to go to grab some for yourself.

The new summer 2010 line of shirts is pretty sweet. Some of them have skulls, of course. One has a robot on it, and another says something about “8-Bit,” which I happen to love. I listen to 8-Bit music as often as I can and even own a tie that will go perfectly with this tee!

If you happen to be a really great designer, email me and we’ll talk about creating a custom shirt for the live stream.

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