Should Celebrities Receive Special Treatment?

Customers waiting in a very long line at an L.A. Apple store yesterday were not amused when a Hollywood celebrity was allowed to cut in line. Actor Jason Bateman started out waiting in the line with everyone else. However, an Apple store employee soon came out and ushered him inside, much to the dismay of those gathered in the hot sun. The crowd yelled and booed the star, who reportedly hung his head as he walked inside.

I happen to agree with the crowd who hissed at Bateman. Stars shouldn’t receive special treatment such as this. Why should they not have to stand in a line for a few hours? Is it so difficult for them to act like a normal person? There’s no word as to how the store personnel knew Jason was outside waiting, and he sure didn’t argue with them about skipping to the front of the queue.

I tend to think that celebrities come to feel a sense of entitlement because we give that to them. It’s the general public that puts them up on pedestals, right? It’s those of us who are “normal” who pander and cater to their whims. We idolize and worship them. We make them feel as though they are better than we are somehow. Why shouldn’t it follow, then, that many of them end up believing that they are?

What are your thought? Should athletes, actors, musicians and other celebrities be given preferential treatment such as Bateman received?