iPhone 4 YouTube Video Upload Issue

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I uploaded a video to YouTube a few hours ago that I had recorded with my iPhone 4 while in my car. At the last minute, I decided to edit the video using the iMovie app which is available for only five bucks in iTunes. It was exceedingly simple to use. It has to now be my video editor of choice. It’s a fantastic app and I highly recommend it. The caveat, though, is the fact that the finished product would not upload to YouTube properly.

The video didn’t come out in a very high resolution. It came in at around 480×270. That’s rather small, considering the original source that was pulled into iMovie from the iPhone was a full 720p. When I exported the video at home, it displayed just fine at 720p.

Currently, the Photos tool which has the video upload feature that allows you to share videos to your YouTube account demolishes HD video. You cannot upload video directly from your iPhone 4 to YouTube, at least with default apps. I’m going to have to look for a third-party app. I’m going to let it be known, though, that Apple slipped up in a big way.

This is the first HD iPhone out there. It’s capable of viewing, recording and editing HD content. Publishing HD content isn’t happening. You can download your video to your computer and then upload to YouTube from there. We shouldn’t have to do this, though.

Once the video finally uploaded to YouTube, there was zero audio. The video itself was completely messed up. I don’t recommend trying to use the iPhone 4 built-in uploader at this time… not until there’s a fix.

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